Plant Guide: Maritime Succulent Scrub Region, Northwest Baja California, Mexico


By: Jim Riley, Jon Rebman, and Sula Vanderplank

SBM 42
ISSN: 0883-1475

ISBN-13: 978-1-889878-44-7
Publication Date: April 2015
Copyright © Botanical Research Institute of Texas
Specifications: 7.82"×10" (flexbound), 218 pp., color figs.

About the Book

The Plant Guide: Maritime Succulent Scrub Region, Northwest Baja California, Mexico is a bilingual wildflower guide designed to reach a broad audience of botanists, conservationists, and lay people. But the Guide is more than a mere wildflower identification book; it also is an educational resource for beginners with a brief introduction to plant evolution and a quick guide to plant families. Beautifully illustrated with numerous drawings and color photos, the Guide covers over 210 plants in 44 families and includes the most common plants encountered in the area.

About the Author

Jim Riley is the founder of the San Mateo Creek Conservancy and is acting manager of Reserva Natural Valle Tranquilo where he has spent the last two years coordinating biodiversity assessments and developing a vouchered plant checklist for the Valle Tranquilo region.

Jon P. Rebman, Ph.D. is a plant taxonomist at the San Diego Natural History Museum. He conducts extensive floristic research in Baja California and in San Diego and Imperial counties. He has over 18 years of experience in the floristics of San Diego and Imperial counties and 24 years of experience studying the plants of the Baja California peninsula. He is the director of the San Diego County Plant Atlas project, co-author of the Baja California Plant Field Guide, and is working on a new specimen-based vouchered checklist for the plants of Baja California.

Sula Vanderplank, Ph.D is a Conservation Scientist who works as a Biodiversity Explorer for the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, and serves as Science Advisor for Terra Peninsular, AC. She received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Riverside, and is a research associate at the San Diego Natural History Museum. She has spent the last 10 years studying the flora of NW Baja California, where her favorite habitat is Maritime Succulent Scrub. She wrote her masters thesis on the flora of San Quintín and later authored the regional field guide Quail-friendly Plants of Baja California.