Publication is an integral part of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas' commitment to scientific research by botanists, including BRIT's own scholars, through distribution of books and journals across the globe.

BRIT Press furthers the Institute’s conservation mission through innovation and excellence in preparation, manufacture, and distribution of scholarly botanical research and scientific discoveries for the twenty-first century. BRIT Press… bringing out the best in botanical science for plant conservation and education.

BRIT Press books have been published since 1987 under the series title Sida, Botanical Miscellany (ISSN 0883-1475). They are devoted to a comprehensive study of one topic, ranging from floras to systematic monographs to botanical histories, and provide a greater depth of coverage for larger, key topics. They are published irregularly and have ranged from 40 to 1640 pages.

The Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas (formerly Sida, Contributions to Botany ("SCB")) has been a source of current research in classical and modern systematic botany for readers throughout the world for 58 years. The journal publishes primary research papers in English and Spanish in fields such as anatomy, biogeography, chemotaxonomy, ecology, evolution, floristics, genetics, paleobotany, palynology, and phylogenetic systematics. Coverage is global: it is not restricted to any geographical area, and papers have been contributed from around the world. J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas is published twice a year, usually with 250-350 pages per issue.

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