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The Grasses of Barbados (Poaceae)

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SKU: 978-1-889878-03-4
Authors: George Rogers and Ayanda Holder
ISSN: 0883-1475
UPC/ISBN: 978-1-889878-03-4
Publication Date: 36523
Copyright: © 1999 Botanical Research Institute of Texas
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About the Book

This work includes 79 grass species growing free from cultivation. Each is described and keyed, and many are illustrated with black and white photographs. Biological and distributional notes are included, as are useful field recognition characteristics, synonymy, and literature citations. Almost every species was collected by the authors between 1996–1999, and these collections along with historic specimens in the Barbados National Herbarium are cited for each species. A history of grass floristics in Barbados is provided along with references to relevant literature. Previously reported species that are no longer encountered and newcomers to the flora are highlighted.
This is the first-ever grass flora for Barbados based on specimens and prepared in a manner consistent with modern standards. The work is indispensable for anyone concerned with the botany, ecology, natural history, agriculture, and horticulture in Barbados, and it will be useful on the numerous less-studied Caribbean islands. As conservation and eco-tourism increase in importance simultaneously with residential and resort development, such floristic studies will become increasingly useful. There is a strong and growing conservation movement in Barbados, yet the flora is inadequately known. Co-author Ayanda Holder is a Barbadian student, who will carry her knowledge of grasses into her leadership role. A goal of this book to help such Caribbean students, teachers, naturalists, and leaders promote the growing familiarity and fascination with the fragile and intriguing plant life of Barbados and the entire Caribbean.


The Grasses of Barbados (Poaceae)

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