Drosera of the New Jersey Pinelands, U.S.A.

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Authors: Alvin Liu and Daniel DiPietro
ISSN: 0883-1475
UPC/ISBN: 978-1889878-56-0
Publication Date: 44085
Copyright: © 2020 Alvin Liu and Daniel DiPietro
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About the Book

Drosera of the New Jersey Pinelands, U.S.A. is a full color natural history monograph that offers an in-depth, consolidated analysis of the carnivorous plant genus Drosera that inhabits nutrient-poor bogs and wetlands of the New Jersey Pinelands. The Pinelands host some of the densest concentrations of carnivorous plants in the United States and, as such, are enormously important to the study of native carnivorous plants. This work is the first to discuss unique morphs and habits of Drosera that are common to, and in some cases only known, from the NJ Pinelands.


About the Authors

Alvin Liu is a life-long New Jersey resident and carnivorous plant enthusiast. He maintains a personal collection of over 200 species of carnivorous plants and works with the Mid-Atlantic and New England Carnivorous Plant Societies to provide carnivorous plant-related shows, resources, and programming to the public. He has undertaken extensive, multi-year fieldwork in the Pinelands to document the populations of native carnivorous plants. Currently, he is an undergraduate student at the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA pursuing degrees in molecular biology and history.

Daniel DiPietro is an amateur botanist and carnivorous plant hobbyist. His personal collection, which contains hundreds of species and thousands of individual plants, is one of the largest in the tri-state area. He operates the popular carnivorous plant resource website www.CarnivorousJourney.com and frequently delivers educational presentations to the public as part of his work with the Mid-Atlantic Carnivorous Plant Society. As a resident of southern New Jersey, Daniel has performed extensive fieldwork and documentation of the state’s carnivorous flora. He is currently an undergraduate student at Dartmouth College, where he is pursuing degrees in mathematics and computer science and helps to manage the college’s extensive teaching greenhouse collection.

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